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captain harry

ok, here comes teh bitch allie that we all know is hiding behind the facade I put up, And I don't think that Zach knows what a bitch I am, and even if I told him, I doubt he'd believe me, but here's teh thing, I am... and here's where things get sticky... so yeah, I liked Tommy, and I still do, just kinda attracted to him... but anyways, ummm he told me he's breaking up with his girlfriend, and yeah, I still feel something for him... so yeah, I still love zach and all, but I kinda wanna be with Tommy, I know, total bitch... but yeah, that's me... so I have no idea what to do... but that's my rantings for now
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i luv ya allie!
no, I'm serious, I AM A BITCH... get it through your head emma!