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captain harry


He held my hand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like at lunch we were outside and we were listening to his ipod and so my hand was just kinda hanging next to his and so then he like kinda looked down and realized it and so he took his hand out of his pocket and took mine!!!!!!!!! ah, the happiness of it all! and so now he's not as shy and after school he was "playing" the air drums with his music and I was like "no" and I took his hand and he like smiled at me and now we are both really happy and shit! so yeah!


and now im really happy!!!!!!!!!!! i wish it happened to me... just not with him... im really glad your so happy... stupid tj was a jerk and now you don't have to be scared anymore... tell zack thank you for me... LUV YA!!!
or zach... whichever spelling it is
I will tell him thank you for you... and i will definately tell him that you are happy for us... thanks emma!
of course