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captain harry


Zach seriously makes me fall apart and dissolve into little peices of like a quivering puppy... ok, not a good analogy, but still... so anyways, to day at lunch i was REALLY cold and shit and so i was KINDA snuggled up to him, but he wouldn't like warm me up... so i was talking to him later and he's all like " I feel like a jackass for how i acted to day at lunch" ... omg... how effing sweet of him to like care that I was like kinda wanting to be like near him and stuff, but I don't want to push him and stuff... but it's so cute!!!!!!!!! ahhh... everytime I think about him, I get like a thrill and my stomach does flip flops and stuff... it never did that, with tommy or tj, just zach, and i'm so afraid to mess this up because it's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good, and i don't want to mess it up!!!!!!!!!!! anyone help or advice or happiness for me??


Just take it slow, and make every moment count, but don't do anything you're not ready for, anf he's not ready for. If you know him well enough, you'll know how far to go.